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Case Examples

Questioned writing and signature on a prisoner complaint form – Irish prison

Questioned signatures on commercial guarantee documents – Irish bank

Irish Utilities company – questioned writing on customer forms

Medical Partnership contract – questioned signature

Car Dealership and Franchise – questioned signature

Irish will – questioned signature

Employer Contract – questioned employee signature

Non-Irish bank – questioned signatures on declaration, homeloan and conveyancing forms

Multi-national insurance company – internal disciplinary investigation

Irish Bank – questioned customer signature on loan documents

Anonymous writing investigation – Letter to County Council Planning department

Questioned signatures on multiple commercial documents – Property Investment Company director

Family Law Case in Cork– multiple questioned signatures

Divorce proceedings Dublin – multiple questioned signatures

Employee disciplinary action – questioned document indented writing investigation

Land Lease Agreements – multiple cut and paste questioned signatures

Disputed Will – questioned signature

Commercial document in Lithuania – questioned signature

Commercial documents with Irish bank – multiple questioned signatures

Graffiti in school facilities Midlands – investigation of authorship

Employment termination contract with large corporate – disputed employee signature

Irish semi-state organisation – questioned signatures on fifty customer termination forms

Criminal Investigation – questioned signature on Will

Will in Scotland – questioned signature

Questioned electronic signature on hand-held device – criminal proceedings